Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Off I go to the wide world of lesson-planning, but I thought I would blog for a moment to try to get the mental juices flowing. I am supposed to be putting together a study on American history, and I did the same for yesterday's lesson. Yesterday I presented the American Revolutionary War. So today??? This is one of those times when there is so much material to pull from that you do not know where to begin.

VBS was great again last night, and I think I was a little more prepared for it this time, as last night I went home with a little more energy than I did on Sunday night...Let's just say I still got my workout.

You guys, keep Andy lifted up. He is going through some tough times. Not that any one thig is afflicting him...but rather there are so many waltzers in his mind right now that they are completly throwing off all the tango dancers---and that's not even metioning the Macarena that his bashed truck is doing midst them all. (You can do it ANDY!! It will all be wonderful in 2 months! She will be here. You will have it more together. And you will get to see her face first every morning for the rest of your life. Pretty cool!)

Well, I am off to plan the lesson. Be well.